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  • Tarbosh 6:54 pm on March 18, 2014 Permalink | Comment
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    Hello dear friends, how are you long time? I hope you are well in every school over there.
    We here in the camp of goz amer. Anyhow the life is going as it wants. We have no power to change what is going on because the politics is not right, but we still have hopeful the things will be change one day.

    Dear, one of our daily things in life in the summer which it is so trouble is that some can go outside in the day time to look for work to his children, then when his back to house he can find his house like nothing before because of fire! which is burning every thing.

    Today in goz amer more than 30 family houses have been burned and sixteen were destroyed to stop the expanding of the fire, at least one child has been eaten and became like charcool, three men were injured, one injury is too serious.
    the fire broke out from block 16 then to 10, then to 12 which are close to each other.

    nothing for those to eat or sleep on it or to rebuild even in the sid of NGOs because it is not the first time to happen! The community has to give a hand on this but it will it be enough for all?

    thank you tarbosh of goz amer camp

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    • debi maller 1:50 pm on March 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hello! This is Rahway High school saying hello

  • Rahma 5:11 am on January 23, 2014 Permalink | Comment  

    Hello Dear students at US.
    How are you doing for long time?and How is your schools going?
    I hope you are doing ok over there.
    Do you started to study or still on vacation?
    we jest began to studying last two weeks for alot of challenges.but know it’s going to improve gradually.
    we go to school from 6:30 am to 12:00 pm some of us are teachers of we came back from primary at 12:00 we”re going to secondary from 1:00 to 5:00 pm . .How long is your school day???
    what are you studying right now?
    What are you doing after schools?
    I hope all your family are doing well. wishes !!!!!!.talk to you soon .
    please keep in touch…….
    yours Rahma

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  • Tarbosh 5:09 am on January 23, 2014 Permalink | Comment  

    hello dear friend!how are you? we are doing well no bad .
    everything is going so goodly,the schools are ok after long time of waitting. which was abnormal,so we are going so fast because of late so that we can finished the bookes in short time.

    1- the library is going as befor ,but in the coming days Iwill try to chang the old programe with new one,which will helpe alittle pet more than befor,and also Iwant to creat agroupe which will discause about the materials more nessassery for the students.

    2-the weather here is too cold we have never feeld like this since we are here! so it is verey hard with the new arrivalis!,under plastic shites and shelters!.
    thank you.

    say hi to all your family.

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    • Mawahib Mohammed 8:44 pm on January 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I am so proud of everyone there I really hope you the success and creation. May Allah keep you all safe.

  • Tarbosh 5:19 pm on September 2, 2013 Permalink | Comment  

    Hello dear friend.
    How are you I hope that you are well and every one in your home well too.

    Dear after long time because of net cut we didnot meet so we are here again.

    So how is every thing ? we are doing well and the school are closed now but nearly to be open soon in october. the rainy season is not hard like the last year, there is no flood any where.

    The situation in the camp is very worry about the diseas of milliraya has strike the camp all over it. So you can find in every house more than three people are sick with milliarya. The treatment are not enough sometimes is nothing like in the two past weekes. People who died with it more than 35 up to now and the number is increasing, the patients are 1000, and the rest who are unknown in their farmes farawy not posible to get in the camp because the valley.

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    • Kathleen 3:41 pm on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Tarbosh, Thank you for your message. We are sad for the people who are sick and pray for them. God Bless You, Kathleen (KTJ’s mother).

      • Ajee 7:41 pm on November 19, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Im Ajee from Rahway high school and im sorry and sad for the people that are sick and died. You all are in my prayers

    • Karine 3:51 pm on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Dear Tarbosh, You and your family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that there will be enough treatment and medicine available in the future. I am so sorry for the people you have lost. I send all my love to you. Karine

    • Dana Scott 7:46 pm on November 19, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Im Am Very Sad to hear/see About the things that are happening over there. I Hope You all get through this together , You are all in my prayers also.

  • Murtada 3:28 pm on August 28, 2013 Permalink | Comment  

    hello my dear friends I hope you are doing great really we enjoyed the festival of Eid-al-fitr so this is the video i have taken during they playing .do you have any festival in the near future? and also I and my friends we will go to Sila places for short trip on next monday so I will show when we did it .thanks

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  • KTJ 4:25 pm on June 19, 2013 Permalink | Comment  

    Our friends at Darfur Dream Team asked,

    Hi Friends in Goz Amer and Djabal. Thursday is World Refugee Day, what message do you want to share with your friends here in the United States?

    Sima shared,

    hello my friends how are you?I hope you are well .great question about our break of autumn really we spend from sixteenth june until october what are you prepared about world refugee day ? we are prepared singing and traditional playing and poets and many programs .stay well thanks

    Karima posted,

    hello my friends how are you? nice question from DDT about world refugee day really we are preparing to celebrate this great occation so we have singing and traditional playing and I have poet to share with it. what do you prepared you guis?i am waiting to hear from you soon thanks

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  • Tarbosh 9:28 pm on May 20, 2013 Permalink | Comment  

    hello dear friend gabrirl how are you Ihope that you are find ,how do you do thes days ?Iwish to see you soon ,the preschool,is nearly to befinish,so that I send to you the picture of it.

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  • Tarbosh 9:27 pm on May 20, 2013 Permalink | Comment  

    hello dear friend gabriel.and our friends in different schools in u s a .how are you Iwish you are well and every one in your home well too .

    dear now the preschool is near to be finish soon ,so that here is the video of it please let me know that all my messages you got them .
    say hi to evry body .
    thank you very much.


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    • msandysehic 1:56 pm on May 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      wow!! this is fantastic!! amazing!! inspiring!! fabulous!! yay!! Little Ripples is looking sooo good!!
      thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    • rveerman 5:06 pm on May 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      This is so wonderful!!! It’s moving along… Yay!!!

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