Rahma; Hello all my friends in U.S How a

Hello all my friends in U.S How are you?and How is your Schools going?I am going to say welcome to new tear season.I hope that this year will be very excited to everyone. if you Asked me and About the library,its going well since last June and all the student are very excited for your support really your help is makes us to fill about our education because the time when we are in Darfur we don,t know Haw to educate ourselves so by help of you we understood How to learn about the world and especially about Darfur.the student are very excited to read on the library but, the main thing which late them to be not happy,is there is no any electronic books,talking Dictionaries,computers and additional Human Rights Books to read only tow talking dictionary. so we need help from you gays, especially by helping of student Task Force STF, sisters school program and Gabriel.thanks tour friend Rahma

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