“About three hunderd refugees have been brought to Goz Amer…”

hello dear friend gabriel.how are you ?Iwish you are find and every one at the home well too.
dear today we hosted the new refugees in goz amer came those who have been suffernig at the border in the area of TCSin tchad after the hard renewed of the war,between the covernment and the rebels in one hand and the ethnic groupe between them on another hand so that has more than one thousand person have been killed ,and three hundredanother were injured,as the witnesses said all thes fight it is during one week only.
alot of refugees they arrived to tchad ,now the UNHCR is there to pic them to the camps ,now about three hunderd refugees have been brought yet to goz amer,the cars are goes and comes to bring them ,befor the rainy season not approach.
more of the suffers are women and children,their health situation is very late!!


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