Rainy Season

Hello dear friend.
How are you I hope that you are well and every one in your home well too.

Dear after long time because of net cut we didnot meet so we are here again.

So how is every thing ? we are doing well and the school are closed now but nearly to be open soon in october. the rainy season is not hard like the last year, there is no flood any where.

The situation in the camp is very worry about the diseas of milliraya has strike the camp all over it. So you can find in every house more than three people are sick with milliarya. The treatment are not enough sometimes is nothing like in the two past weekes. People who died with it more than 35 up to now and the number is increasing, the patients are 1000, and the rest who are unknown in their farmes farawy not posible to get in the camp because the valley.

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