Another Fire Destroys Homes in Goz Amer

Hello dear friends, how are you long time? I hope you are well in every school over there.
We here in the camp of goz amer. Anyhow the life is going as it wants. We have no power to change what is going on because the politics is not right, but we still have hopeful the things will be change one day.

Dear, one of our daily things in life in the summer which it is so trouble is that some can go outside in the day time to look for work to his children, then when his back to house he can find his house like nothing before because of fire! which is burning every thing.

Today in goz amer more than 30 family houses have been burned and sixteen were destroyed to stop the expanding of the fire, at least one child has been eaten and became like charcool, three men were injured, one injury is too serious.
the fire broke out from block 16 then to 10, then to 12 which are close to each other.

nothing for those to eat or sleep on it or to rebuild even in the sid of NGOs because it is not the first time to happen! The community has to give a hand on this but it will it be enough for all?

thank you tarbosh of goz amer camp

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