Pazocalo is an internet-based communication system designed specifically for users with no prior computer skills and low literacy rates. It allows refugee users to work offline and then connect to a satellite when needed. Refugees and their online network exchange video, photos, and written messages that create deep personal relationships. Individuals and communities anywhere in the world use an interactive website to read or view messages and respond. Pazocalo is the ongoing link between the voice of the Darfur refugee and the world.

Currently the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program uses Pazocalo to connect Darfuri refugee students and teachers with U.S. schools who are fundraising and providing ongoing support for primary school education in refugee camps Djabal and Goz Amir in Eastern Chad. Contact the program to get involved!

Pazocalo has also been used to communicate with teachers in the Little Ripples program and coaches in the Darfur United Soccer Academy program.

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